a blog dedicated to gale hawthorne and katniss everdeen, with doses of liam hemsworth and jennifer lawrence.

My choices are simple. I can die like a quarry in the woods or I can die here beside Gale. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay right here and cause all kinds of trouble."

I love your silences, they are like mine. You are the only being before whom I am not distressed by my own silences. You have a vehement silence, one feels it is charged with essences, it is a strangely alive silence, like a trap open over a well, from which one can hear the secret murmur of the earth itself. - Ans Nin

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Cuties (and me) pt 2, Liam’s long arm.

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I fall into a doorway, tears stinging my eyes. Shoot me. That’s what he was mouthing. I was supposed to shoot him! That was my job. That was our unspoken promise, all of us, to one another.

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galeniss ♥ requested by sriusblacks / DOWNLOAD
  • Lonely World - Bryan Greenberg

it’s so obvious how they need each other
they wwant and bleed and hurt
but they keep it covered.
until it’s one big lie.
they can’t stay alone cause they fear goodbyes.

  • Please Don’t Go - Barcelona

all these arrows you threw, you threw them away.
you kept falling in love, and then one day,
when you fell, you fell towards me.
when you crashed in the clouds, you found me.
oh, please don’t go,
i want you so

  • Delicate - Damien Rice

so why do you fill my sorrow
with the words you’ve borrowed
from the only place you’ve known?
and why do you sing hallelujah
if it means nothing to you?
why do you sing with me at all?

  • Run - Snow Patrol

have heart, my dear,
we’re bound to be afraid
even if it’s just for a few days
making up for all this mess.

  • I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons

cause i will wait,
i will wait for you.

  • BONUS: You - The Pretty Reckless

you can’t see me, no
like i see you.
i can’t have you, no,
like you have me.

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